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The purpose of this site is just to show off some of the fast street and race cars from the lower Michigan area.   Please feel free to register and upload pictures of your car.  Also, feel free to enter links to the links section, I will approve the added ones daily.  We've reversed the order of the pictures, so now the newest ones go on the front page.  Also, please check out the forums at our sister site, 

To upload images, make sure you are logged in, then click on the "submit images" link above.  Then click on the media manager, choose "detroit street cars" and then click on the icon to the lower right corner of the page.

Yes, we will try to find a way to make this easier.

You can also EMAIL me your pictures at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and I will post them for you.

Also, try out the search box at the bottom of the page.  Type "bumper" to see how it works.


Congrats to Ryan (OrangeJuiced), owner of the car in our banner.  That car made the cover of Modified Mustangs magazine!

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Rick's Mustang
5100x hits
Temporary name, please change.
3185x hits
LTLHOMERs '00 z28
2955x hits
LTLHOMERs '00 z28
2708x hits
Ingison Racing Monte SS
6806x hits

Ingison Racing Monte SS
2743x hits
327 V-8
2908x hits
327 V-8
2880x hits
327 V-8
2795x hits
Full Grown Vega
2755x hits

Bob's Lotus
3232x hits
LTLHOMER's '00 z28
3322x hits
Lil Ricks 83 Rear View
3506x hits
Lil Ricks 83 Mustang
3948x hits
Nice Duster
4460x hits

Temporary name, please change.
2981x hits
Temporary name, please change.
2911x hits
Temporary name, please change.
2985x hits
Temporary name, please change.
2829x hits
Snowman's Camaro
2907x hits

Snowman's small block
2940x hits
Snowman's Camaro
2873x hits
Quickstang1983 launch
2902x hits
Jakes 83 GT
3250x hits
3789x hits

Wheeler's Pace Car
3538x hits
Ron's 68 Chevelle
3745x hits
Ride or Die coupe
3468x hits
Port Huron S10
3359x hits
Nice GN
3345x hits

jp mustang
3316x hits
3409x hits
Gibby's car
3287x hits
3105x hits
BR's Coupe
3243x hits

Butch B SBC Malibu
3408x hits
Tony A
3344x hits
brandon48080's mustang
3153x hits
4298x hits
4411x hits

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